With filming set to take place locally and throughout the Western half of the United States, Edgor and Izzy promises to wring the most out of its modest budget by shooting in some of the most fantastically gorgeous natural setting this country has to offer. The production will also manage costs by filming all interior scenes locally in Atlanta.

Aside from a sound economic strategy, this plan also serves a metaphorical purpose, as it promises that the film will not only be a national coming out party for Atlanta talent, but by spanning the continent it will serve as a bridge between our film community and those of multiple states, including the film commissions of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. It also contains deep thematic value, as the use of real-life locations will reflect the fantastical - yet psychologically and emotionally grounded - journey that our heroes undertake through terrains ranging from lonely and desolate...


...to spaces so wondrous that you will barely be able to believe that they occur naturally on our planet...


...to those man-made structures that leave us marveling at the inherent will of the creative spirit.


The locations as a whole reflect the ambition, as well as the raw natural beauty, of the story that we are trying to tell. We are beyond excited to go to these places, but we're even more thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to take our audience there.